How to watch Inside Xbox’s May edition of Xbox 20/20

This is how you can get a sneak peek at the Xbox Series X.

Image via Microsoft

Microsoft plans to give fans and consumers a sneak peek of Xbox Series X gameplay and confirm some titles coming to the console that will release later this year in an edition of “Xbox 20/20.”

The new monthly series on Inside Xbox begins this Thursday, May 7 at 10 am CT. Each episode will have its own focus, with this month’s being gameplay on the Series X.

Microsoft confirmed in a post earlier today that it still intends on having the Xbox Series X available in time for the holiday season this year, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to showing off a few games in store for the next-generation platform, Microsoft will use the episode to promote the new “Smart Delivery” feature that optimizes graphics for games regardless of how new or old they are.

For fans looking to catch this action, there are multiple mediums that you can go to. Along with airing on Mixer, a Microsoft-owned platform, the show will be on Twitch and YouTube. 

On Twitch, the event will take place on the official Xbox channel. The same will be the case for Mixer’s broadcast

An official YouTube video will be posted when the episode goes live on those other channels.