How to unlock safe on the Airship in Among Us

Alright, what was the combination again?

Screengrab via InnerSloth

Among Us’ latest map, the Airship, finally went live. The map was originally announced in early December. While it took a while to take its place in the Mafia simulator, the Airship could still retain most of the hype with its gigantic size.

A map of this size also came with new tasks, starting areas, and ladders, which players will need to spend some time figuring out during the first week of the release. Though you can always join a match blindly and improvise on the spot, taking a look at all the tasks and tips regarding the map can help you start a match one step ahead of other crew members.

While there are a few tasks you’ll be familiar with in the Airship, the one that asks you to unlock a safe may catch you off guard. Here’s how you can unlock the safe on the Airship in Among Us.

How can you unlock the safe in Among Us Airship Task?

Once you interact with the yellow safe, the quest screen will appear with an lock and a number on the top left corner of your screen. Pay close attention to the number and the arrow under it since you’ll need to enter it.

If you see a blue arrow pointing toward the right underneath your number, then you’ll need to dial that number by spinning the knob toward the right in a clockwise direction.

When the arrow points toward the left, you’ll need to do the exact opposite. The numbers will automatically update as you enter them and you’ll enter a total of three numbers. If you struggle at any point, you can simply move the dial left and right until it accepts the number you’re trying to dial in.

After entering all the numbers, you’ll be able to unlock the safe by turning the bigger valve, which will be highlighted after you enter the code.


Considering this is a solo task in a relatively isolated corner of the map, it may be a decent idea to have a crew you can trust next to you. If you’re playing solo, you’ll need to get this quest done as quickly as possible since you’ll be a sitting duck.