How to take a screengrab on Nintendo Switch

It's just one button press away.

Image via Nintendo

One of the cooler things to be added to the recent generations of gaming consoles is the ability to screengrab your games without having to take a grainy off-screen picture with your phone camera.

Whether you want to record an awesome vista in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, show off your team in Pokémon Legends Arceus, brag about a score in Metroid Dread, or hold on to a memory in any other game, it can be done with a simple button press.

Screengrab via Nintendo | Remix by Scott Duwe

Nintendo Switch controllers have their own dedicated button for screengrabs. It can be found on the left side of the controller, or on the left JoyCon. The images here show the location of the screengrab button on the controllers.

Screengrab via Nintendo | Remix by Scott Duwe
Screengrab via Nintendo | Remix by Scott Duwe

Once the screengrab has been taken, it can be found on the Switch’s main menu in the Album section, which is seen in the screengrab highlighted below. The screengrabs you’ve taken will be sorted by the most recent ones, but you can also see them per game as well.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Once in the Album, you can select and view screengrabs, and also share them on social media such as Twitter or Facebook. You can also edit them by adding text or send them to your smartphone once it’s been linked.