How to sign up for MTG Companion App’s beta

Keep track of pairings and win/loss records.

Throne of Eldraine MTGA Streamer Event
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

There’s a new open beta Magic: The Gathering app to assist in tracking home tournaments played via tabletop or on MTG Arena

Fans can keep track of organized home, digital, and local game store tournaments with the new MTG Companion App. Available on Android and iOS, the app focuses on pairings and win/loss records. Features include hosting and joining an event, for now, with expansions and updates scheduled to take place sometime in 2020. 

The MTG Companion App is in open beta and is free to download. Signing up and preparing to host an event is accomplished with three easy steps. 

  • Download the Companion App via the Google Play Store or TestFlight for iOS. 
  • Link a registered Wizards of the Coast account or sign up for one. 
  • Add friends and save them in groups. 

Compete in either Constructed, Draft, or Sealed events and use a friend group to avoid having to enter names manually. The Companion App also differentiates between best-of-one and best-of-three competitive play.

Players can also join an event via a code that’s created once an event is set up by the host. A 50-minute timer is also available or there’s an option for unlimited time during matches. The host of an event also has the option to drop a player.

WotC is collecting feedback from players regarding the functionality of the app. The Companion App open beta has been a “huge success,” according to the organization, with feedback leading to the recent update of using a code for other players to join a scheduled event.