How to register Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or any Nintendo Switch game on your console

Got a physical copy of a game? Let us help you out.

Image via Nintendo

If you are looking to get the free DLC character Piranha Plant for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but bought a physical version of the game, then you will need to register the game on your Nintendo Switch system to get a code.

Not only do your get the free character in Ultimate, however, but registering any Nintendo Switch games you have also gets you gold points which can be used on the Nintendo eShop to get discounts of digital games.

Registering a game is pretty simple and just requires you to complete the following steps.

  1. Make sure that a Nintendo Online account is linked to your Nintendo Switch Profile.
  2. Insert the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate cartridge into the Nintendo Switch.
  3. Press the + Button on your controller while highlighting the game on the Switch main menu.
  4. Select the “My Nintendo Rewards” option from the menu that pops up and follow the on-screen prompts.
  5. You should then get gold points and register the game to your account.

Once you do all this, the Piranha Plant DLC code should be sent to the email address associated with your Nintendo Online account in the next few days.

If you bought the game digitally then you won’t need to do all this as the game registers automatically to your account. It’ll only register the game, however, with the account holder so you will only get one code.