How to play the Jungle Adventure mode in PUBG Mobile

A lot of "mysterious" things have been added to Sanhok.

Image via Tencent

The Jungle Adventure mode is now available in PUBG Mobile. Some players are randomly put into the mode when playing a classic match on Sanhok. 

The mode has added several new features to the mysterious jungles of Sanhok. This includes hot air balloons, item crates, and mysterious fruits. Effectively using these is the key to victory. 

Hot air balloons

This is the first time this vehicle has been added to PUBG Mobile. The locations of the hot air balloons will be marked on the map when playing the jungle adventure mode.

The hot air balloons can only move up or down and can’t be used to travel around the map. Players can use them to scout the jungles of Sanhok for enemies, though. 

Players can also jump off from the hot air balloons. When this is done, the parachute will be deployed allowing the player to safely land on the ground. Players can also use this for quickly rotating on the map. 

Item crates

Item crates can be found in numerous locations on the map. They are of three types which are indicated in different colors: red, blue, or yellow. Opening them takes a few seconds. 

  • Red item crates: These contain weapons and ammo. They also repair the player’s armor. 
  • Blue item crates: These contain throwables and scopes. They will also repair some of the player’s energy. 
  • Yellow item crates: These contain medical items and armor. They will restore some of the player’s health. 

Mysterious Fruit

These fruits are hidden away in the grass of Sanhok. Players can pick these up and eat them to gain special effects. Some of these fruits, however, taste a “little strange” and makes the player dizzy, narrowing their vision. 

The special effects, on the other hand, include:

  • Distance of footsteps, gunshots, and vehicle sounds are visible on the mini-map. 
  • Increases 50 percent of the player’s energy.
  • Displays the location of air-drops on the map. 

It is impossible to know which of these fruits will grant special effects or make the player dizzy. They should be consumed cautiously.