How to play the Graffiti Prank mode in PUBG Mobile

On April Fools' Day, clowns are stirring up mischief on Erangel.

Image via Tencent

New mode Graffiti Prank arrived into PUBG Mobile today. In the mode, clowns have infiltrated Erangel on April Fools’ Day, leaving behind a “music graffiti wall” and clown shops around the map. 

The Music Graffiti Wall has been added to the spawn island on Erangel in PUBGM. Players can spray paint within marked squares on the wall to play different notes. Several squares can be spray painted to trigger multiple melodies at the same time. 

The main feature of the Graffiti Prank mode, however, are the clown shops. These shops offer loot and other “strategic items.” 

To use these shops, you will need Clown Coins. These coins come in two different rarities, silver and gold. They can be found scattered across the map just like any other loot.

Finding these shops are really easy as they will be indicated by a clown icon on your minimap. Upon reaching the location, you will find a small platform with a clown face on top of it.

The Clown Shop gives players a lot of different loot, including level three backpacks and helmets. Players can also find weapons like the M416 and AKM in these shops. All of them can be exchanged for Clown Coins. 

Other than the loot, players will be able to get three strategic items in the Clown Shop. Each strategic item costs one Gold Clown Coin and gives a different perk to the player. These are as follows:

  • Playzone: The location of the next playzone will appear on the minimap.
  • Airdrop: The location of the next airdrop will appear on the minimap. 
  • Heat Map: Places where enemies have gathered together will appear on the minimap. 

The Graffiti Prank mode is a limited-time mode in PUBGM, so jump in and clown around while it lasts.