How to play MTG Arena Brawl for free anytime without spending money or gold

Play Brawl when you want.

Rowan and Will Kenrith share a planeswalker card in MTG Throne of Eldraine
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Players in MTG Arena don’t need to waste gold on Brawlidays or wait to play thanks to Arena Brawl Beta and Merchant’s Brawl Hall.

Brawl players’ frustrations are at an all-time high, but there are alternative solutions. An independent website, Arena Brawl Beta, has established an algorithm to randomly connect players to matches by using their Player Profile ID number. 

Finding a random matchup in Arena Brawl Beta requires just a few steps.

  • Choose a format: Standard or Historic Brawl.
  • Have a Brawl deck ready to go. 
  • Enter your Player ID number for MTG Arena.
  • Click “find a game.”
  • Enter the opponent’s Player ID into the Direct Challenge mode.

The Arena Brawl website is growing daily, offering an average of around 100 players online at a time. 

There’s also a Discord channel, Brawl Hall, run by the popular MTG streamer Merchant. Established in late October, Brawl Hall has grown beyond expectations. Players can find matchups in Standard and Historic, along with decklists and deep-dive discussions. 

Brawl Hall has several hundred users on at a time, so finding a match isn’t difficult. The Discord channel is also well monitored by Merchant and two moderators. 

Players using either of these services should always have a Brawl deck ready before entering an opponent’s Player ID into the Direct Challenge mode. Be mindful of spelling, too, since the challenge mode in MTG Arena is case sensitive.