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How to play Fortnite on iPhone

Here's how Nvidia GeForce is making it possible to play Fortnite on iOS again.

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Image via Epic Games

After a lengthy legal battle between Apple and Epic, Fortnite is finally back on iOS—sort of.

Nvidia put out the word today that sign-ups for a Fortnite iOS Safari closed beta through its cloud-based streaming platform, GeForce NOW, are live.

To play Fortnite on iPhone, players must jump through a few bureaucratic hoops before getting into the action.

  • Login or create an Nvidia GeForce NOW account here.
    • A paid membership is not required to join the closed beta.
  • After completeing registration, select the device type you wish to use.
  • Sign yourself up for a GeForce NOW membership.
    • Players can choose between a free membership or a paid priority membership.
  • Download the GeForce NOW on your iPhone here.
  • Open GeForce NOW.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Link your Epic Games Store account through GeForce NOW.
    • You will not be able to link your account unless you’ve joined the closed beta.
  • Nvidia will notify you once there is room in the closed beta.

Nvidia also allows players to sign up for both the Android and iOS Safari betas. Gamepads will be supported via Bluetooth connection. The Fortnite iOS Safari closed beta will ramp up later this month, with Nvidia inviting more closed beta applicants via email throughout January.