How to mine 20 gold in one stage of Teamfight Tactics

Here's another annoying mission.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has thrown another annoying Teamfight Tactics mission into the fold for players to try and complete.

This time, the mission revolves around players having to “mine 20 gold in one stage.” But the poor wording of the mission has left a lot of people confused.

There’s no new mechanic or a hidden way to get gold in Teamfight Tactics. Instead, Riot wants players to simply add 20 gold over the course of a stage on to what they originally had. So if you started stage one with 11 gold, Riot wants you to end it with 31 to complete the challenge.

Doing this is quite simple because you’re always getting more gold for winning fights and can have a large sum of money saved up. As such, you should be able to easily complete this task by simply not spending any money throughout an entire stage. Sure, it means you’re more likely to lose that game, but think of all the money you’ll have to spend eventually.

The beta pass is only around until July 29, so it’s best to unlock everything you can before it goes away and is replaced by the second pass, which is coming with Patch 9.16.