How to make clips on Mixer

Only Mixer partners and verified streamers can make clips.

Image via Mixer

As more big-name broadcasters join Mixer, people have begun to flock to the Microsoft-owned website—only to find out that it is quite different from Twitch. Clipping, for instance, is an essential part of Twitch. But it isn’t readily accessible on Mixer just yet.

The clipping feature is still in beta, and as a result, is only available for Mixer partners, verified channels, and their respective channel editors. Viewers don’t have the ability to make clips from streams just yet, and unfortunately, there aren’t any specific dates as to when this will be available.

If you are a Mixer partner, a verified channel, or you are a channel editor, you can make a clip relatively easily. First, you have to make sure that “Keep recordings of my streams” is toggled on in your Broadcast Dashboard settings.

After that is set, there should be a clip icon that will record the past 30 seconds of the live stream—this clip length is fixed, and cannot be adjusted. Additionally, your clips will disappear once the VOD expires, which means you have to download clips on desktop in order to keep them forever.

So it’s possible to clip on Mixer—it’s just not as easy as it is on Twitch. But of course, Mixer is still a growing platform. Hopefully, clipping can get easier for everyone to use, since it is one of the best ways to share and gain exposure for streams.