How to get the Weapon Master title in PUBG Mobile

It's not easy work.

Image via Tencent

Titles are one of the most sought-after achievements in PUBG Mobile, other than a high rank. The battle royale game for Android and iOS presents players with nine “Glorious Moments” titles ranging from “Well Liked” to “Chicken Expert.” These nine titles show up on your profile and are displayed alongside your name in the friends’ list and during the matchmaking screen. 

Among these titles, one of the toughest ones to get is the “Weapon Master.” This also makes it one of the most honorable titles to decorate your profile with.

Obtaining it is a daunting task. The missions to become a weapon master have to be completed in a single game. Getting the chicken dinner and six kills in a classic match are the minimum requirements to earn it. But it doesn’t stop there. Each of the six kills has to be done with a different weapon. This includes killing an enemy with an assault rifle, a submachine gun, a sniper, a shotgun, a throwable, and a vehicle.

If you manage to get a kill from all of these different “weapons” in just one game, the glorious Weapon Master title will be yours. But if you’re thinking that you could just make a new account and do the aforementioned tasks in a match against newbies and bots in the bronze tier, then you’re wrong. Another minimum requirement is that you have to at least be in the platinum tier. 

Image via Tencent Games

There’s no simple method to become a weapon master. But certain tips can give you an advantage in completing your quest to get this title. 

First, bots are usually always present in a game of PUBG Mobile, even at the highest tiers. Using this to your advantage will certainly assist you to get those six kills with different weapons. Playing during times when there’s less traffic on your server will make you encounter more bots in-game.

Bots are usually located in spots that not a lot of people go to. You’re less likely to find a bot to get an easy kill in Sanhok’s Bootcamp compared to Camp Bravo, for example. So landing in positions where fewer people show up will enable you to grab some easy kills by taking down these bots. 

You don’t want to aim for a completely desolated spot, though, like a random compound in the middle of nowhere at Erangel. This is because you need to find sufficient loot to complete the weapon master challenges. In addition, you don’t want to be completely isolated from the other players since getting kills is important. 

Therefore, landing in a place that has a balance of good loot and not many people is a wise choice. Of course, you can even land in Pochinki, School, or Bootcamp to try to become a weapon master with all of the action these drop locations usually provide in the early game of PUBG Mobile, but it may be harder to do so. 

Going through the armory of PUBG Mobile is important as well. Doing so will get you acquainted with the categories of the different weapons. This will prevent scenarios where you’re left wondering why you didn’t get the Weapon Master title even after completing all of the tasks, only to find out later that the Sawed-Off counts as a pistol, not a shotgun. 

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If you’re trying to get the Weapon Master title in the duo or squad mode, it’s important to remember that it’s the final kill that counts. You can knock your opponents out with any weapon of your choice and then confirm the kill with the desired gun for the challenge. This makes it easier to get the Weapon Master title in the squad and duo modes than in solo.

It’s also essential that you’re the person who knocked the opponent out and not your teammate since the kill will then count for them. You can get the kill out of knockdowns by other teams’ players, however, since it then counts as yours.