How to get a Sunglasses Squirtle in Pokémon Go

Deal with it.

Image via Niantic

No Pokédex will be complete without limited-time and rare Pokémon. Most rare species either have a low spawn rate in Pokémon Go or become available during seasonal events where players can complete various challenges for guaranteed encounters.

With the Ed Sheeran event going live in Pokémon Go, players will once again be able to capture Sunglasses Squirtle. Throughout the event, fans will get to attend an Ed Sheeran concert and they’ll also see more Water-type Pokémon around in the wild.

Though more encounters will help you fill out more Water-type Pokémon slots in your Pokédex, it may be more worth it to focus on finding a Sunglasses Squirtle.

Here’s how you can find this unique Squirtle in Pokémon Go.

How can you get Sunglasses Squirtle in Pokémon Go?

Screengrab via Niantic

Walking around and playing Pokémon Go like you usually do will be the best way to capture a Sunglasses Squirtle unless you’re looking to complete Field Research tasks. The event will wrap up on Nov. 30, so players have until then to stumble upon a Sunglasses Squirtle in the wild. 

Considering Water-type Pokémon will have an increased spawn rate throughout the event, choosing a route filled with PokéStops can be one of the better ways to hunt down a Sunglasses Squirtle. You can then stock up on materials and take advantage of Lures that players may place on your route. Despite having a significantly lower spawn rate, the Shiny version of Sunglasses Squirtle will also be lurking around the wild, meaning some players may want to continue their search even after capturing a regular Sunglasses Squirtle.

The main reason why Water-type Pokémon are being favored during the event is because they’re Ed Sheeran’s favorite Pokémon type. His favorite Pokémon is also Squirtle, which is a meaningful enough reason for Sunglasses Squirtle to finally come back to the game.

Players who’d like to stay up-to-date with all the recent and upcoming events can keep an eye on the schedule here.