How to fix Pokémon UNITE login errors

There is a good chance that you just need to reset the game.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon UNITE has slowly been improving parts of the game that have caused players frustration—whether that be improving menus, optimizing certain actions, or simply releasing balance patches if a Pokémon was too powerful. One area that consistently causes problems for new and returning players, however, is the game’s online connectivity when logging in. 

Whether it be an instant issue that is keeping you from logging in, getting disconnected from the game and failing to get back in, or the constant trouble users experience when signing into their account across both mobile and Nintendo Switch, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when hitting start in UNITE

Because UNITE is an entirely online game, there are several ways that your connection to the online servers could be interrupted, which can keep you from logging in or playing the game. Thankfully, most of the problems are easily fixed, and here are a few options you can try when facing them. 

Restarting or checking for updates

If you are having a problem logging in, your first option should always simply be closing out of the app and restarting it. 

Since UNITE is a self-contained game, the app will automatically search for relevant updates when you launch it on Switch or mobile, prompting you to download the newest patch, content update, or whatever else TiMi Studio has pushed live to the game’s public servers. 

This is also how you can get around the ongoing bug of UNITE asking you to log in if you have been playing on both Switch and mobile. Instead of needing to re-enter all of your information, if you simply close out of the game on a device you were previously signed in with, it should boot back up and let you right in. 

Stabilize your connection

The most common reason for failed login attempt is a poor internet connection, especially when you are likely playing untethered because UNITE is a Switch and mobile title. 

Not only could this impact your ability to log in, but your gameplay could suffer if you are playing on a poor connection. So make sure you are connected to the right network and the service is working on other devices or you might need to reset your router. 

Check for possible server outage

UNITE doesn’t go down for updates or maintenance often, but there are times when TiMi will notify players of planned outages that are used to push larger pieces of content live or perform maintenance on areas of the game that need to be worked on. 

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You can usually find this information on the official Pokémon UNITE Twitter account, and TiMi tends to announce the details days ahead of time to inform players that they might not be able to play the game for a bit.