How to fix Pokémon UNITE ‘Insufficient Device Storage’ error

Out on storage?

Image via TiMi Studio

Pokémon UNITE, like many live service games that focus on its online multiplayer gameplay, forces players to keep its software up to date before they can hop into a match and battle with others around the world. 

This constant stream of updates, both big and small, can lead to certain issues popping up and keeping players from even logging into the game on Nintendo Switch or mobile depending on what the problem is. 

In the case of UNITE’s version update, players are encountering an ‘Insufficient Device Storage’ error on Switch, while mobile players aren’t experiencing any issues with downloading the latest version of the game. 

Image via TiMi Studio

This ‘Insufficient Device Storage’ error notification typically only appears when a player attempts to download an update when they don’t have enough storage available on their respective storage drive where UNITE is located on Switch or mobile. This time it is also appearing for players who have plenty of storage space available and is causing the software to crash, however.

Before looking around to see if anyone else is struggling with this problem, you can simply go into your System Settings app on Switch, navigate to Data Management, and ensure you have at least a bit of space in the same location where UNITE is saved, whether that be your System Memory or a microSD card. 

For those users who have double-checked their system storage and have plenty of space available, there is only one thing you can do outside of checking if TiMi Studio has acknowledged the error on social media.

In the Data Management tab, go to Manage Software, select Pokémon UNITE, and click Archive Software. This will delete the game’s files on your Switch and allow you to re-install the game fresh, which has a chance of fixing the storage issues that this bug is telling you about.

If that doesn’t work, there is nothing you can do to directly fix the problem, and you won’t be able to access the game at all until the developers resolve it.

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