How to fix Call of Duty Mobile Failed to Create Match 3005 error

Check your internet connection.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty Mobile has had a monumental launch, pulling in over 20 million downloads in a matter of days. The game hasn’t been without its problems, though, and it’s quickly come under scrutiny for its vast number of bugs and error codes.

Many of them have been fixed already, but error code 3,005 is still causing havoc. The bug prevents players from joining the game with the message “failed to create match.” But what does it mean, and most importantly, how do you fix it?

The error code is linked to connection failure. CoD Mobile, like many multiplayer games, requires a network connection. If your Wi-Fi isn’t working or your mobile data is sparse, you simply won’t be able to play.

How to fix Failed To Create Match 3,005

If you suspect your internet connection is faulty, then reset your router and hope for the best. This will often fix the problem and CoD Mobile will be back in action. Another easy solution is to move closer to your router. If you’re far away, there’s a good chance your Wi-Fi signal is weak.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, the error code pops up without explanation, even if your connection is stable. The problem could be linked to an outside source. It could either be your internet service provider or the Activision servers. 

There’s not much you can do in this case aside from waiting for the servers to fix themselves and reset your Android or iOS device.