How to fix Call of Duty Mobile Authorization error 5 1200

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Image via Garena

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most popular mobile titles in the world. It may owe most of its success to the smooth gameplay experience that has defined the CoD series as a whole, but it also needs a solid development team to keep the game in top shape.

CoD: Mobile may look like it has everything figured out from the outside, but it also has its fair share of errors that can sometimes affect the gameplay experience. Most of them tend to be server-related issues that resurface after major patches which can increase the player count during release periods.

The authorization error 5 1200 has been around for a while, and despite the momentary fixes that are usually rolled out to address the issue, it just keeps coming back whenever there’s a huge content patch.

In most cases, this error will be tied to a server issue. There are still a few solutions you can try out, however, which can help you bypass the issue and sneak into CoD: Mobile.

Keep an eye on CoD: Mobile’s social media

If there’s a wide server outage that’s affecting a decent part of the player base, the chances are you won’t be able to get in CoD: Mobile no matter what you do—keeping an eye on CoD. Mobile’s social media can save you from going through countless troubleshooting methods and save you some time in the process.

Alternatively, you can also visit community hubs, like Reddit, where players often share new solution methods that can help you bypass the error 5 1200 at that given time.

Clear CoD: Mobile’s cache files

Clearing an app’s cache will make it feel as if you’ve just downloaded CoD: Mobile from the app store. While you’ll be able to do this by navigating to an app’s settings on Android phones, you’ll need to delete the game and reinstall it for the same effect on Apple devices.

On Android devices:

  • Open up your app drawer and locate CoD: Mobile
  • Press and hold on CoD: Mobile and click on the tiny “i” icon that’ll appear toward the top right corner of the information box.
  • Doing so will forward you to the App info page for CoD:Mobile.
  • Choose Storage and click on Clear cache.
    • If you click on Clear data, all of your configurations will also be deleted.

Try out a different internet connection

On rare occasions, the cause of the error 5 1200 may have something to with your internet connection, which plays a vital role while you’re connecting to CoD: Mobile’s servers.

If you’re on Wi-Fi, try turning on your cellular data to see if it makes a difference. When you’re on a different network, you’ll be connecting to the CoD: Mobile servers in a completely different way. If this method succeeds, it’ll mean that there’s something wrong with your previous connection method that caused the error of 5 1200. Fear not, however, since these anomalies usually resolve themselves within a couple of hours while you’re enjoying some CoD: Mobile actions with your temporary connection.

Switch DNS addresses

 When connecting to a new network isn’t an option, you can try out alternative ways that’ll have similar effects. While it won’t be the same in terms of effectiveness, swapping out your DNS with a more commercially available one can also help fix the error in some instances.

Most users use the default DNS addresses that are assigned to their device by their internet service providers (ISPs.) A DNS server that’s overloaded with users can also prompt similar server-related problems like the error 5 1200.

Switching over two Google’s DNS servers should be sufficient to troubleshoot the problem, but you’ll need to stick with them if they were to solve the error. You can return back to your default DNS settings after a couple of hours, however, and see if everything’s back to normal with them as well.

Use a VPN

Using a VPN to log into CoD: Mobile may sound less than ideal since VPNs are known to introduce lag while gaming. If there’s a server outage affecting your region, however, you won’t have another chance.

To work around region-specific outages, you’ll need to convince the game servers that you’re from a completely different region. A VPN simply changes your IP address and makes it look like you’re connecting from a different country.

Though you’ll notice some extra lag and ping, it’ll still be better than not playing at all.

Restart your router and phone

If none of the solutions above do the trick for you, then you can simply try resetting your devices to see if it makes a difference.

Restarting your router and phone is usually advised to address software-related bugs and glitches, but they can also help if those glitches are network-related. Wait around 20 seconds before turning your devices back on since they may need a little breathing room to reset fully.