How to evolve Sliggoo into Goodra in Pokémon Go

Goomy isn't very gloomy in the rain.

Image via Niantic

Rainy Lure Modules are finally being added to Pokémon Go, which is going to give players new ways to utilize Rainy Weather conditions without relying on the actual weather. 

This is perfect timing, because Goomy is going to finally make its Pokémon Go debut, which means you will need the rain to evolve it fully. 

Goomy’s evolved form, Sliggoo, only evolves into its final stage, the bulky Dragon-type Goodra when training it up in the rain. The same applies to the gelatinous line of Pseudo Legendaries in Pokémon Go, only this time, you have a few options. 

If the in-game weather is rainy, you can use 100 Candy to evolve your Sliggoo into Goodra. Additionally, if you are near a PokéStop that has a Rainy Lure Module active, you can also achieve the same results. 

Once it becomes widely available, Goodra is going to be seeing a lot of action in the Go Battle League. Its bulk, varied moveset, and solid offensive output will make it yet another Dragon-type to contend with and keep in mind when team building.