How to earn Craft Points in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

You might have to make some tough decisions early on.

Image via Konami

Fans asked several questions about Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel before it launched. Most of them revolved around how the game would handle its collection methods with a lineup of more than 10,000 cards. Konami put any uncertainties to rest just ahead of the game’s release when it revealed the game would have a detailed crafting system as a core mechanic. 

Thanks to this crafting system, players don’t have to worry about spending large amounts of Gems or getting more of the in-game currency through microtransactions when trying to build out some of the stronger decks in the Yu-Gi-Oh! meta. 

As soon as you complete the Master Duel tutorial, the Deck Editor and Shop will give players access to all the tools they need to start collecting and crafting. 

Using the Deck Editor, players can search for any card featured in the game and how to obtain it, including how many Craft Points (CP) are needed to generate the card in question. This amount varies based on the card’s rarity, which comprises Normal, Rare, Super Rare, and Ultra Rare cards in Master Duel

Players can get CP in multiple ways, giving them different approaches to getting the cards they need. Here are all of the methods you can use to obtain the resources to craft cards for your collection. 

Dismantling/Generating cards

The core mechanic of the crafting system revolves around dismantling cards you don’t want or need via the Deck Editor, then using the resources obtained in the process to generate other cards that you are more likely to use. 

To dismantle or generate a card, players simply need to search for it in the Deck Editor and open the card view. From there, they can choose an option as long as the card isn’t from a special product and they have the necessary CP. 

Players can dismantle any card that wasn’t obtained through special means like the Starter Deck or other gifted products. Once the process ends, players will receive 10 Crafting Points of a rarity matching the dismantled card’s. Doing this three times will let you generate a card of that rarity, so every card in the game requires 30 Crafting Points of a matching rarity to generate. 

Dismantling cards with a foiling on them will grant more CP, with Royal and Glossy foiling cards rewarding 30 and 15 CP respectively when broken down. 

You also can’t undo the dismantling process. Once dismantled, you can’t bring a card back unless you generate or obtain another copy. 

Duel Pass

Duel Pass acts as a battle pass of sorts for Master Duel, rewarding players who complete missions and play the game consistently. 

As players raise the grade of their Duel Pass, they will receive varying types of rewards, though most of the items listed are types of CP and Gems. However, at certain grades, players can collect an Upstart Goblin Icon and Pot of Greed Mate. 

Whether you have the free-to-play Duel Pass or premium Duel Pass Gold, you can earn a large amount of CP just by playing the game. Essentially every other grade of the Duel Pass rewards players with CP of varying rarities, though they are mostly in small quantities. 

To get the most out of the Duel Pass, you should probably grab Duel Pass Gold so you can double up your rewards on both tracks. This will let you get more CP faster and craft cards more quickly.


Missions are split into two categories: Limited-Time and Unlimited. 

As the names suggest, Limited-Time Missions are only available for a set duration and typically hold higher value rewards for milestones like logging in for a certain number of days or completing a certain number of actions in a duel. Meanwhile, Unlimited Missions are more casual and generally ask players to perform simple actions like dismantling a card for the first time or Special Summoning monsters from the Graveyard. 

Most Missions tend to reward players with Gems rather than other resources, but a select number of them give players some CP for varying rarities. 

Missions update regularly, so players should always check the Missions tab on the main menu to see if there are easy ways to get more resources.