How to download Scavengers

PC players are going to test the waters while console fans will need to wait a little longer.

Image via Improbable

A new challenger has entered the arena of the battle royale genre in the shape of Scavenger. Developed by Midwinter Entertainment, Scavenger is looking to spice up the genre by introducing unique PvE elements.

Unlike most games on the market, the players’ main focus won’t be eliminating other teams. Squads in Scavengers will focus on collecting the most data before it’s time to escape with the dropship. Though you can also take down enemy teams to loot the resources they’ve collected, the PvE side of the game will outweigh taking unnecessary combats in most situations.

While you try to make the most out of your resources, you’ll also be battling against environmental conditions with the warmth meter. Avoiding getting too cold will be another aspect to watch out for a while playing Scavengers, but you can always come back to life if your teammates successfully clone you, which redeploys you back into the match.

Scavengers is aiming for a 2021 release without a specified date yet, but the game’s early access period just went live on PC. If you have Steam and some free time, you can start playing Scavengers in a couple of hours.

Here’s how you can download Scavengers.

How to download Scavengers early access

Scavengers organized a Twitch Drop event to celebrate its early access launch. These drops are actually early access codes that will grant users access to the beta, meaning the player count will increase as the viewership numbers grow.

You’ll need to make sure that you have Twitch Drops enabled on your account and create an Improbable account in the process.

  • Head over to Scavengers’ website to create an Improbable account.
    • Using your Twitch account will directly forward you to the authorization page.
  • After creating your account, you’ll need to grant Improbable the needed permission so it can track your watch statistics for Scavengers.
  • When you authorize your Improbable account on Twitch, you’ll become eligible for drops.
  • You’ll need to watch 30 minutes of Scavengers to receive your early access key and it’ll be delivered to your account in the form of a Twitch Drop.
  • When you accept the Drop, you’ll receive an email that contains a Steam code for Scavengers.
  • Redeem the early access code of Scavengers on Steam and the game will be automatically added to your Library.
  • Click on Scavengers in your Steam library and choose Install to start downloading the game.

Console players will need to wait a little longer since Scavengers will only be available on PC during its first early access stage. Once the game becomes available on PlayStation and Xbox, console players should be able to download Scavengers through the platforms’ respected market places.