How to complete the Pokémon Go Tour: Johto Special, Raid, and Evolve Collection Challenges

Participate across the board and you might have a chance.

Image via Niantic

Every big Pokémon Go event gives players increased encounters and raids that tie back into the theme of the event itself, which is a concept Pokémon Go Tour: Johto takes and expands upon with its numerous Collection Challenges.

Not only do players have tasks that require them to specifically catch and trade Pokémon they can only find depending on if they chose the Gold or Silver path when they purchase their tickets, but other segments of the event also provide their own challenges. 

Several of Go Tour: Johto’s Collection Challenges involve habitat rotation, a cycling hour-long block based on locations from Gold and Silver that chance which Pokémon spawn more frequently. Additionally, the event-exclusive Special Research and raid pool each has a Collection Challenge. 

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Niantic has even given players one ultimate Johto-themed Collection Challenge that requires them to evolve every Pokémon capable of doing so in the Johto Pokédex. So if you plan to run the gauntlet and complete every challenge, here are all of the tasks you will need to finish and their coinciding rewards. 

Go Tour: Johto Collection Challenges

Go Tour: Johto Special Collection Challenge

  • Catch a Dunsparce
  • Catch a Qwilfish
  • Catch a Stantler
  • Catch a Smeargle
  • Catch a Hitmontop
  • Catch a Celebi
  • Catch a Gyarados

Total Rewards: 2,510 XP, one Incense, and 2,510 Stardust

Go Tour: Johto Raid Collection Challenge

  • Catch an Unown
  • Catch a Heracross
  • Catch a Corsola
  • Catch a Raikou
  • Catch an Entei
  • Catch a Suicune
  • Catch a Lugia
  • Catch a Ho-Oh

Total Rewards: One Fast TM, Unown encounter, and one Charged TM

Go Tour: Johto Evolve Collection Challenge

  • Evolve all Johto Pokémon 

Total Rewards: 25,100 XP, three Rare Candy, one Star Piece