How to change your username on Xbox Series X and S

It only takes a few steps.

Image via Microsoft

This year, gamers around the globe celebrated the launch of Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X and S consoles. With any new console release, a whole new generation of gamers is getting their first chance to play console games.

The latest generation of consoles encourages users to utilize the variety of community features on the device, not only for playing games but also to share their gaming experiences with their friends.

In the first week of the console’s release, Xbox recorded a record number of users signing up for their game pass service. To do this, users need a Microsoft account.

When creating an Xbox account, you will be asked to select a gamertag, a unique name that other players can identify you online.

Over time, however, players may choose to change their account’s gamertag for a variety of different reasons. Thankfully for users, this process is quite simple.

How to change your gamertag on Xbox Series X/S

  • Navigate to the Xbox home screen.
  • Select your profile from the top left-hand corner of the screen. This will bring up a dropdown menu including a tab titled My Profile.
  • Select My Profile and choose Customize Profile. Now you can customize multiple aspects of your profile.
  • Selecting the username option will enable editing and allow you to change the name to a new gamertag of your choice.
  • Once you have chosen your desired name, press check availability and you will be notified if the gamertag is available. Much like older generations of Xbox, only one user can have a specific gamertag at any time.