How to catch Snorunt and evolve it into Froslass and Glalie on Pokémon GO

Hopefully this clears up all the details.

Image via Niantic

Since its July 2016 release, Pokémon GO has added more than 700 species for players to catch, evolve, and battle. The augmented reality mobile game does its best to incorporate elements of the main series Pokémon titles, including items and evolution methods, but each platform has its limitations, which means things might be a little different. That is why, sometimes, players might wonder how to catch and evolve some of their favorite species.

Snorunt, the Snow Hat Pokémon, is a good example. While it is not a rare species on GO, there are some details to its availability and evolution that could be confusing.

How to catch Snorunt on Pokémon GO

Snorunt is a standard spawn in the wild. It is an Ice-type Pokémon, which means it also benefits from snow weather boost. But that is all. Currently, Snorunt can’t be found in Eggs, Raids, or as a Research reward. Its most recent appearance as a Field Research reward was in Dec. 2020, around the same time it was a reward from the Special Research “Tap… Tap… Tappity-Tap…”

The species was released in Dec. 2017, along with several other water and ice-related Pokémon from Hoenn. Back then, a Shiny version also came out on the same day.

How to evolve Snorunt into Glalie on Pokémon GO

Glalie is Snorunt’s most direct evolution. While it is also available in the wild, the most common way to obtain it is by evolving your own Snorunt, whether it’s a regular version or a Shiny one.

To evolve Snorunt into Glalie, you need to collect 100 units of the corresponding Candy and use them. That total can be made up of Snorunt Candy and Rare Candy. Once you have the necessary amount, choose the Snorunt you want to evolve, and the Evolve button should appear.

But, Glalie is not the only evolution available, which means you need to pay attention. If the one you’re looking for is Froslass, the process is a little more complex.

How to evolve Snorunt into Froslass on Pokémon GO

Froslass, a dual-type Ice and Ghost Pokémon, is an evolution introduced in Generation Four of the main series Pokémon games. The main difference between it and Glalie is it only evolves from a female Snorunt. That means an evolution to Froslass won’t be available if the Snorunt you select is a male.

A second condition to evolving Snorunt into Froslass on Pokémon GO is you need to use a Sinnoh Stone. That is a common part of the method for species from the first three generations that gained new evolutions with the release of the Generation Four games. So make sure you have at least one Sinnoh Stone in your Item Bag before you attempt to evolve it.