How to battle a Fashion Challenger during Fashion Week in Pokémon Go?

They're everywhere, but only if you put in the work to show some style.

Image via Niantic

The fashion show must go on, with Pokémon Go’s Fashion Week returning for another pass on the catwalk from Sept. 27 to Oct. 3. 

This time, Niantic is bringing even more Pokémon with fancy clothes, new Shinies, and even the debut appearance of Mareanie and Toxapex to the event. 

Players will have an increased chance of encountering these new fashionable Pokémon, returning featured Pokémon from previous Fashion Week events, and more throughout the show. This includes Shiny Furfrou and Shiny Yveltal too. 

Another returning element is the Fashion Challengers, or NPC trainers who will appear as players complete Timed Research during Fashion Week. That means you won’t encounter them at PokéStops like previous Fashion Week events and will instead actually be challenging them to earn rewards directly from the research line. 

Because Fashion Challengers have now been implemented into Timed Research, there are only three different NPCs you will need to face and they will come in a set order as you progress through research tasks. They will each have teams that use and reward you with encounters for featured Pokémon from the event including Croagunk, Diglett, and Absol.

Here are all the lineups that you can will end up facing during a Fashion Challenger encounter, listed in order. 

Fashion ChallengerPokémon lineup
Quirky ChallengerFurfrou, Mareanie, Diglett
Rugged ChallengerFurfrou, Blitzle, Absol
Cool ChallengerFurfrou, Frillish, and Croagunk

Once you clear each Fashion Challenger you will get that page of research finished and be able to claim your rewards.