How to battle a Fashion Challenger in Pokémon Go?

They're everywhere.

Image via Niantic

Fashion week is back in Pokémon Go and fans will get to participate in an event that will challenge their photography skills. Using the AR Camera in Pokémon Go, players will get to express their creative side and be a part of the event at the same time until Sept. 28.

As a part of the event, players will also get to battle Fashion Challengers, which may come as a surprise to fans who are used to seeing the members of Team Rocket around. These Fashion Challengers will randomly appear in PokéStops and players will be able to battle them like usual. Players who don’t have nearby PokéStops can try to spot anomalies in far PokéStops since they’ll appear slightly different than normal ones. If you spot a PokéStop that doesn’t look like the others, it’ll have a high chance of featuring an encounter with a Fashion Challenger.

If you’re looking to complete all the Fashion Week Timed Research tasks, you’ll need to defeat the Fashion Challengers. Luckily, Fashion Challengers have set lineups and you can prepare a team that will give you the best chance of winning.

Here are all the lineups that you can run into during a Fashion Challenger encounter.

Fashion ChallengerPokémon lineup
Cool ChallengerFurfrou, Sneasel, Gothitelle
Eccentric ChallengerFurfrou, Graveler, Blitzle
Quirky ChallengerFurfrou, Braxien, Shinx
Sassy ChallengerFurfrou, Butterfree, Vaporeon
Slick ChallengerFurfrou, Croagunk, Obstagoon

Considering Furfrou is featured in all of the lineups, including a Fighting-type Pokémon on your team can be a decent way to increase your odds of defeating a Fashion Challenger.