How Overkill works in Hearthstone

It's a new keyword that can trigger several effects.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The new Hearthstone mechanic Overkill was introduced yesterday with the release of the latest Hearthstone expansion, Rastakhan’s Rumble. As is the case with any keyword in the game, cards with Overkill do something more than just stay on the board.

Cards with Overkill trigger an additional effect whenever the damage they deal to a minion is higher than that minion’s current health. This effect varies from card to card.

For instance, the legendary neutral minion Oondasta has Overkill. Right after the keyword, the card description reads “Summon a Beast from your hand.” Then, an Oondasta with its base seven attack would let its player summon a Beast if Oondasta killed a minion with six or less health. If Oondasta kills a minion with seven health, it won’t trigger the Overkill effect.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overkill considers the current values of attack and health to be activated, not base values. An Oondasta that had its attack increased to nine can trigger its Overkill effect by killing a minion with eight health, despite eight health being higher than Oondasta’s base seven attack.

Anything that forces a card with Overkill to deal damage to opponent minions can trigger its effect if the keyword’s condition is met.

In Rastakhan’s Rumble, 14 cards have the Overkill effect. Players can use the search filter in the Crafting page of their collection in Hearthstone to see all these cards.

Get some cards with Overkill and use their unique effects to have an edge over your opponent in these first days of Rastakhan’s Rumble.