How long is Amouranth’s Twitch ban?

Amouranth is quiet about her suspension.

Screengrab via Twitch/Amouranth

ASMR star Amouranth had her Twitch channel banned from the platform last night, apparently due to nudity. She was playing with her dog on the floor to get some sounds for a “dog ASMR” she had offered as a subscriber goal, but her skirt slipped when she was sitting up and she accidentally exposed herself.

Amouranth’s Twitch channel has been blocked since last night. It’s impossible to watch VODs, clips, or any other content she made. The streamer has yet to comment on why she received the ban and it’s unclear at this time how long Amouranth’s channel will stay banned.

Twitch never comments on the length of suspensions publicly, leaving it up to banned streamers to reveal that information. Twitch has specific rules for sexual content and nudity. Nudity is prohibited and there are no specifications regarding intent.

“Attire (or lack of attire) intended to be sexually suggestive includes undergarments, intimate apparel, or exposing/focusing on male or female genitals, buttocks, or nipples,” the Terms read.

A section with frequently-asked questions clarifies cases like Amouranth’s when the streamer accidentally shows content that’s sexually explicit.

“As owner of your account, it’s entirely your responsibility to ensure that anything shared on your account abides by Twitch’s Terms of Service (ToS) and Community Guidelines (CG),” the Terms read. “Content that breaks ToS or CG, whether shown accidentally or on purpose, can be reported and moderation may take appropriate action on that content, including removing the content and issuing on a suspension on your account.” That question also says that even one infraction “may warrant action.”

Amouranth’s ban length depends on how Twitch staff interpreted the incident. The company is likely to be more severe with the punishment if it understands she intentionally exposed herself, otherwise, the ban should be a short one and last less than a week.

Twitch’s latest temporary suspensions against big streamers lasted less than seven days. In line with what happened to Amouranth, the platform suspended variety streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel for less than 24 hours after a video he was watching briefly showed a penis during a livestream. His reported ban length was three days.

In xQc’s case, though, the sexually-explicit content was in a video he was watching live and apparently was clueless about its content.

Amouranth’s case could become an important one for Twitch and streamers. Some creators complain that Twitch lacks standards when handing out suspensions and bans, and Amouranth’s suspension can become a reference for future cases.

Amouranth has yet to comment on her Twitch ban.