How to find the day 20 Pirate Treasure Chest in Free Fire

Head to the Purgatory's Golf Course to get the 20th treasure.

Image via Free Fire

Free Fire players can log in and play one game each day of December to get various rewards. One of them is the Pirate’s Treasure Chest, which can be looted daily with a secret location changing every day.

Today, the treasure was hidden in the map Purgatory, near Golf Course. You’ll have to dig in the field to find the Pirate’s Treasure Chest—it’s close to yesterday’s location.

Screengrab via Free Fire

After unlocking 15 treasures, players will earn additional rewards. They’ll also get some stuff from the treasure in-game.

In addition to this event, Free Fire players can spin the winter-themed wheel by connecting each day to get various rewards, including player icons, skins, and tickets. Tomorrow is the last day that players can spin it, however.

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On Dec. 22, players will be able to choose a free weapon skin out of three by connecting to Free Fire. The Mad Snowman Mode will be released on the same day and last until Dec. 30.

Free Fire’s Winter Wonderland event will end on Dec. 29.