Here are the patch notes for Wild Rift Patch 3.2

Ekko has arrived.

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League of Legends: Wild Rift’s patch 3.2 is here, and it has brough a ton of new features and changes with it. This includes a new champion in Ekko, who finally comes across from League of Legends, the return of Elemental Rift with a few changes, a new Wild Pass, Leaver Mitigation, and lot of balance changes.

Here are the patch notes for Wild Rift’s patch 3.2.

New Champions


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Ekko will be released on May 11 at 07:01pm CT.

New Features

Elemental Rift

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The Elemental Rift is coming back to Wild Rift with a few changes. In this, rather than getting a Dragon Soul, each Elemental Dragons’ effect will stack. Riot will also be doing a dev session on May 16 to get feedback on the mode. The Elemental Rift will return on May 16 at 7:01pm CT.

Guild-vs-Guild Season 3

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Season three of Guild-vs-Guild is here and its prelims will begin on May 22 at 7:01pm CT. A few changes have been made to it this season.

  • The lobby banner will now upgrade as players progress on their GvG Reward Track.
  • Rewards will be given for every single armed member with no limit or ratio restrictions.
  • New missions have been added.
  • Riot is removing sabotaging from this season.
  • Champion Abilities have been disabled.
  • Dialogue will now only trigger three times per week in the beginning, middle, and towards the end of the week.

Leaver Mitigation

Riot is adding the option to remake matches in Wild Rift in case an ally abandons the game. If an ally leaves the match at the start, players can vote to remake the game. If this vote is successful, no team will receive a loss and all consumables will be refunded. The player who is AFK will get a loss, though. Riot will initially bring this only for Normal PvP games before expanding it to all modes.

Riot is also adding some changes in case a player leaves in the middle of the match. This includes higher punishment with more Ranked Fortitude or VP deducted for the player that goes AFK. The rest of the team will get more Ranked Fortitude or lose less VP.


  • Riot is also making several adjustments to Ranked Fortitude in Patch 3.2 Players who perform really well in matches they lost will be given some extra Ranked Fortitude.
  • Additionally, Riot will now be calculating the Fortitude first in end-of-game settlements to ensure that the Shield is applied if you have enough Fortitude.

Wild Pass

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The new Wild Pass will be available on May 11 at 7:01pm CT.

New Skins

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  • Sandstorm Ekko will be released on May 11 at 7:01pm CT.
  • These will be released on May 18 at 7:01pm CT.
    • High Noon Ashe
    • High Noon Irelia
    • High Noon Thresh

New Accessories

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  • Baubles: Hats Off to You; Five Minutes to Midnight; Are you a backpack?; Even the Odds; Be Kind, Rewind; The Shadow of Time; Sundered; The Sands of Time; Cursed Tears 
  • Icons: Righteous Wrath; Razor-edged; Mecha Veigar; Time Prodigy; Porodeo Roundup 
  • Emotes: Catch Ya Later; Spinning Slash; It Was Nothing; Come Hither; Let’s Dance; Rodeo Time; Oooof; No Way
  • Icon Borders: Power Overwhelms; Shuriman Port 
  • Rift Emblems: Crackling Energy; LOST DOG; Shuriman Standard (Lapis Lazuli); Shuriman Standard (Verdalite); Shuriman Standard (Carnelian) 
  • Recalls: Of Embers and Dust; Snack Time; Party Time! 
  • Player Emblems: Shuriman Ensign I; Shuriman Ensign II; Shuriman Ensign III; Shuriman Ensign IV; Shuriman Ensign V
  • Profile Borders: Power Surge

New Events

Ekko’s Arrival

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  • The Ekko’s Arrival event begins May 11 at 07:01pm CT.

High Noon

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  • The High Noon event will begin on May 18 at 07:01pm CT.

Balance Changes

Riot has implemented a lot of balance changes to champions and items in this patch. These are as follows.

  • Buffed
    • Blitzcrank
    • Soraka
    • Infinity Orb
    • Last Whisper
    • Rylai’s Crystal Specter
    • Solari Chargeblade
    • Smite
  • Rework
    • Ixtali Seedjar
  • Nerfed
    • Ahri
    • Galio
    • Karma
    • Rengar
    • Seraphine
    • Sona
  • Adjusted
    • Akali
    • Morgana
    • Shen
    • Executioner’s Calling
    • Oblivion Orb
    • Void Staff
    • Keystone: Fleet Footwork
    • Inspiration: Mastermind
    • Tenacity

The complete list of balance changes can be read on the official website here.

Free-to-play Champion Rotation

  • May 12 to 18: Alistar, Brand, Draven, Jax, Kha’zix, Leona, Lucian, Nunu & Willimp, Tryndamere, and Veigar.
  • May 19 to 25: Akshan, Corki, Diana, Dr. Mundo, Fiora, Kai’sa, Karma, Lee Sin, Rammus, and Yuumi.