Here are the patch notes for Call of Duty: Mobile’s season 12 update

Night mode, new weapons, maps, and more are coming to the game.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s 12th season is right around the corner. Today, the Garena version of the game dropped the complete patch notes for the season 12 update. Season 12 is called “Going Dark.”

Call of Duty: Mobile has two versions. The global one is published by Activision, while in Southeast Asia, another version exists that is published by Garena. The updates for both versions are usually the same.

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The update will be released on Nov. 10, although this date may change. Players can open the game and directly update the game from there.

Here are the patch notes for Call of Duty: Mobile’s season 12.

New Battle Pass

The new battle pass “Going Dark” will be released on Nov. 11. Here are some of the rewards in this.

Image via Activision

Free Battle Pass Rewards

  • A new SMG will be available in the free battle pass. The AGR 556 is a fully-automatic submachine gun that has a high rate of fire.
  • A new operator skill will also be available on the free battle pass. The Ballistic Shield is a long-lasting shield with a built-in pistol.

Seasonal Mission Rewards

  • A new pistol, the .50 GS, is also coming to Call of Duty: Mobile. It does a lot of damage and will become one of the strongest weapons of its class in the game.
  • A new Battle Royale class, the Refitter, will also be dropping in season 12. This class’ passive repairs and increases the stability of a player’s armor and vehicle. The gadget with this class releases Armor Packs, which can be picked up by allies to reduce bullet damage.

Multiplayer Update

Night Mode

  • Players can finally fight in the night in Call of Duty: Mobile. Players will be equipped with night goggles to have vision in the dark.
  • It will be playable on Crash, Summit, and Hackney Yard.
  • The Attack of the Undead mode will also be coming on the night multiplayer maps.

New Map: Hackney Warehouse

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Hackney Warehouse is coming to mobile. It is an abandoned industrial park.

Image via Activision

New Weapon Attachments

  • DR-H is getting a new attachment which increases magazine capacity and reduces mobility.


  • Improved bullet scattering accuracy with Cordite.
  • Improved Razorback’s recoil stability, reduced horizontal recoil, and increased mid-range damage.
  • The stability when firing with the Fennec has been increased. The horizontal recoil has been decreased while the vertical recoil has been slightly increased.
  • Improved damage with the AK117 to the upper body. Increased mid-range damage.
  • The trajectory of the BK57 has been optimized and the stability has been improved.
  • The KRM 262’s range has been reduced.
  • The damage distance of the BY15 has been reduced.
  • The Echo’s damage distance has been reduced.
  • The duration of the Katana has been decreased. The energy required to use it has been increased as well.
  • The transform shield’s duration has been decreased. The energy required to deploy it has been increased.
  • Throwables will cause additional damage to the transform shield.
  • The duration of the Cryo Bomb’s effect has been slightly reduced.