Here are the 8 finalists from the first Oceanic TFT Open Qualifier of 2021

If you want to find potential underdogs for TFT's upcoming World Championship, OCE is the place to look.

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Fates
Image via Riot Games

The first tournament in Oceania’s Teamfight Tactics Open Qualifier series has concluded. And after a grueling process, the field of over 180 participants has been narrowed down to just eight finalists.

The eight players who managed to outplay and outlast the competition were Whitelight, KR 3 Amy, MeepBalls, Razza, Donaldin0, Chat, FroStee, and Git0ff.

The top-placed player of the day, Whitelight, secured three of his impressive four lobby wins playing a Dusk, Mage, and Spirit hybrid composition that featured Ahri as the primary carry.

Known as a bit of an “all or nothing” kind of champion, Ahri has fallen out of favor with most players on the ladder. But following this impressive display from Whitelight, Ahri could see a return to common play.

With this result, each of these players has earned automatic qualification into next week’s closed qualifier, where they’ll compete for a spot in the TFT OCE Regional Finals.

The Regional Finals, taking place on March 11 to 14, will feature a $6,500 AUD prize pool and the winner will qualify for the next TFT World Finals.