Here are all the rep rewards in NBA 2K21

Becoming a legend is going to be a worthy time investment.

Image via 2K Games

From going through a fulfilling store mode to becoming the general manager of your own club, NBA 2K21 has it all when it comes to engaging game modes. Regardless of how fun they can be, the main focus of each NBA 2K title tends to be the MyPLAYER experience.

Creating your own player and hitting the city or neighborhood makes NBA 2K21 a lot more like real life. Going up against random players and making it clear you’re the best player in your neighborhood may be enough of a motivation for most of the player base, but each game requires some type of achievement to make the whole experience more engaging. 

After you create your character, you’ll initially be a rookie. As you play more NBA 2K21, you’ll be able to increase your reputation all the way up to legend. Each tier will be packing sweet rewards for your to unlock, ranging from cosmetic items to in-game animations.

Here are all the rep rewards in NBA 2K21 so you can take a glance at what’s in store for you when you reach a new level.


  • Rookie I
    • Unlock all hair color at Doc’s.
    • You can now customize your jersey at the NBA store.
    • You can now wear accessories in the neighborhood.
    • Hats and blings are now purchasable at Swag’s.
    • Unlock tier one emotes.
    • You can now purchase a skateboard, beach cruiser, and a scooter.
  • Rookie II
    • Unlock new and exclusive arm accessories.
  • Rookie III
    • You can now customize the backboard in your MyCourt.


  • Pro I
    • Unlock tier-two emotes including skateboard, beach cruiser, and scooter emotes.
    • You can now use gameplay animations in the neighborhood.
    • Legend jerseys will be available in the NBA store.
    • Unlock tier-one player panels.
    • You can now purchase a low rider.
    • Eyewear and backpacks will be available for purchase.
  • Pro II
    • Unlock the iron wall badge. This badge will allow you to set hard screens in the park.
    • Unlock more exclusive arm accessories.
  • Pro III
    • You can now customize the scoreboard in your MyCourt.


  • All-star I
    • Unlock the tier-three emotes.
    • You have access to tier-two player panels.
    • Unlock even more gameplay animations including a low rider animation.
    • Unlock the park handles badge. It’ll let you perform dribble moves in the neighborhood.
    • You can now obtain a hoverboard.
  • All-star II
    • Unlock the screen crusher badge. It’ll let you blow up hard screens in the neighborhood.
    • Unlock more exclusive arm accessories.
    • Unlock exclusive eyewear items.
  • All-star III
    • You now have access to DJ equipment which you can use to drop beats in the neighborhood.
    • You’ll now be able to customize the floor in your MyCourt.
    • You can use your own ball in neighborhood games.
    • Unlock mural customizations for your MyCourt.


  • Superstar I
    • You can now run around without a shirt.
    • Unlock more gameplay animations including a hoverboard animation.
    • You can now tattoo your player’s neck, back, and chest.
    • You can now spin the wheel twice at a time.
    • Trike is now available at wheels
    • Unlock tier-four emotes.
  • Superstar II
    • Unlock the Nothing Easy badge. This badge allows hard fouls at the rim to boost your team’s takeover in the neighborhood.
    • Unlock the Gym Rat badge. This badge permanently increases your player’s athleticism stats by four.
  • Superstar III
    • You can now choose your own entrance into the neighborhood.
    • You’ll now have access to a mini-basketball arcade game in your MyCourt.
    • Unlock the Penthouse MyCourt.


  • Elite I
    • Unlock the third tier of player panels
    • You now have access to tier five emotes.
    • You’ll be able to spin the daily elite wheel.
  • Elite II
    • You can now create your own T-shirt to wear in the neighborhood.
    • Unlock the takeover booster badge. This badge will help you takeover meter to fill faster in the neighborhood.
  • Elite III
    • You can now purchase and shoot fireworks.
    • You’ll be able to earn double the VC in all MyPlayer game modes.
    • You’ll have access to mascots and elite clothes.


Since the legend tier is the last one in the game, it isn’t divided into three levels like the previous ones.

  • Unlock a helicopter entrance to the park.
  • You can now use legend player panels.
  • Gain 10 extra badge points in each category.