Helicopters, a new TDM map and much more arrives to PUBG Mobile Chinese beta

The Chinese beta teased a lot of exciting stuff.

Image via Tencent

The recently released Chinese beta of PUBG Mobile unveiled a lot of new features, including helicopters and a new Angry Birds collaboration. Yes, you read that right.

The Chinese beta has helicopters present in different locations on the map. The quick-moving aerial vehicle will help players make quick rotations, but flying it is quite risky as the helicopter will be easily spotted and can be taken down.

Additionally, there are a lot of new Angry Birds-themed cosmetics in the Chinese beta, including helmets, backpacks, and even parachutes. The spawn island is also receiving an Angry Birds mini-game, where you can throw balls at decoy pigs.

Players also spotted a new pistol—the Desert Eagle. The Deagle was recently released for PUBG PC and console. Gameplay footage from the Chinese beta revealed another gun, which looks like a sub-machine gun with a default magazine capacity of 30 bullets. We were unable to confirm which gun that was exactly.

The Deagle in PUBG. Image via PUBG Corporation

One of the most exciting things in the Chinese beta is the new TDM map, though. In the beta, players are even able to slide in the TDM mode. It will be exciting to see if this feature is brought to the global version, since it will affect the meta of the game mode.

The BRDM-2 has also made an appearance in the Chinese beta. The heavily armored vehicle can’t be destroyed easily and can only be brought via a flare gun. The vehicle is multi-terrain which means it can be driven on land as well as on water. Being heavily armored, it will definitely be favored to perform dangerous river crossing rotations in the game. The vehicle was recently released in the console and PC versions of PUBG.

Image via PUBG Corporation

It has always been a trend in PUBG Mobile that the Chinese beta receives new features before anyone else. Most of these features are then released for the global version. We currently don’t have any idea when these new features will come out globally, but it doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. It is possible that the aforementioned features are released across multiple patches.