HCS Preview for Week 4

Will any team be able to stop EnVyUs's winning streak? Can Allegiance redeem themselves in their tough match ups this week? Here’s what to expect from the fourth week of the HCS Pro League.

Heading into the fourth week, Team EnVyUs’s domination of the season so far has been solidified, and this week’s match ups are very in the favour of this team. On the lower end of the standings, there may be a battle to regain some momentum in hopes of having a shot at first place.

Here’s what to expect:

The Current Standings

Sitting very comfortably at the top spot is EnVyUs, who have had an uninterrupted win streak of five games. Following a very shaky first game in the season against Team Liquid, who are currently in the third spot, nV quickly rectified their mistakes. Better yet, the only team to even come close to ending their streak, OpTic Gaming, won’t be matched up against them until the final week.

In second and third place are OpTic Gaming and Team Liquid respectively, two teams that have had success so far. This week, both teams will be looking to solidify their positions further. Following the results of HCS Orange County Final, OpTic Gaming won’t be satisfied sitting behind EnVyUs for too long.

Positions fourth, fifth and sixth are occupied by Luminosity Gaming, Enigma6 and Evil Geniuses. Each of these teams share three wins and three losses, so expect there to be a lot of shifting in this area of the standings this week. Not only this, but Evil Genuises may be looking to capitalise on their early victory against OpTic Gaming in the first week.

Finally, in places seventh and eighth are LOL and Allegiance. For both of these teams, it will be make or break this week, especially for Allegiance. Both teams are going to be taking a shot at EnVyUs, so will be a week to potentially build their own momentum.

The Matches

Day One:

Match 1: Luminosity Gaming vs OpTic Gaming

Match 2: LOL vs Enigma6

Match 3: Evil Geniuses vs Team Liquid

Match 4: Team EnVyUs vs Allegiance

Day Two:

Match 1: Luminosity Gaming vs Allegiance

Match 2: Team EnVyUs vs LOL

Match 3: Team Liquid vs Enigma6

Match 4: Evil Geniuses vs OpTic Gaming


Looking at the current performance of both LOL and Allegiance, it’s safe to say that EnVyUs aren’t likely to struggle this week in their match ups. LOL are potentially a threat, given their victory over Team Liquid, the only team to defeat EnVyUs in the series so far. Even if LOL aren’t able to take a game from EnVyUs, they’re sure to give them a hard time.

A team which may potentially be in danger this week is Team Liquid, due to their inconsistent play in their wins and losses. Team Liquid is yet to have a solid win streak and may just fall victim to the momentum that LOL is starting to build up. Evil Geniuses will certainly want to take a game from Team Liquid in their match this week, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Evil Geniuses began its comeback run this wek.

Sat in dead last is Allegiance, who will need to work extremely hard this week if they want to make anything happen. In all of their games, Allegiance have shown resistance, but haven’t done enough to seal the deal in their games, having only won one of their six matches thus far. The team has shown its potential as a force to be reckoned with, but they haven’t managed to bank the games that really matter. Unless Allegiance prove themselves in their match ups this week, against both EnVyUs and Luminosity, they’re almost definitely going to be keeping last place warm.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect some movement in the middle range of the standings this week, but both LOL and Allegiance will be looking to stop the seemingly unstoppable force EnVyUs.

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