HCS Fall Season Week 6 Standings and Stats

With the week seven just around the corner, catch up on the past week of matches, as well as the stats and current standings.

Team EnVyUs is set to come out on top of the league after having another flawless week. Like EnVyUs, OpTic Gaming had a perfect week and have now levelled with EnVyUs on game record. Managing to keep up with EnVyUs has given OpTic Gaming the opportunity to tie for first place this week, and possibly even take the title outright. This will hinge entirely on Allegiance beating EnVyUs next week, which isn’t looking likely given this week’s performance. LOL, now Str8 Rippin, were able to move their way up to fifth place, winning both of their games this week and earning a chance to be in the top four after week seven.

These are the team standings after the conclusion of week six:Here’s a look at the current top player stats:

1.OpTic’s Mathew “Royal 2” Florante:

  • K/D- 1.42
  • KDA- 6.80
  1. nV’s Cuyler “Huke” Garland:
  • K/D- 1.31
  • KDA- 6.33
  1. ALG’s Ryan “Shooter” Sondhi:
  • K/D- 1.22
  • KDA- 5.21
  1. Luminosity’s Daniel “Danoxide” Terlizzi:
  • K/D- 1.20
  • KDA- 5.50

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Jordan Aldridge-Payne is an esports journalist for GAMURS and can be reached on Twitter @mrjordanap.

Statistics were made possible by Halo5Arena.