HCS Fall Season Week 2 Standings and Stats

Check out the standings and some statistics from the second week of the Halo Championship Series Fall Season.

Week two wrapped up last week, and there is a definite shake-up in both the standings and the statistical leaderboards.

Here is what the standings look like after two weeks of play:

A few notes:

  • For the sake of it being easier to follow and count, draws in CTF will no longer be included (unless there is an uprising in the comment section).
  • OpTic Gaming really showed that they scrimmed Strongholds hard, going 3-0 this week and crushing Team Liquid by 80+ in two of those games.
  • Good news: Allegiance won a game of CTF. Bad news: They still are the worst team at this game type, and also fell to Team Liquid, an average team in Strongholds, in their best game type. 

Here are the stats leaders out of week two:

KA/D (one decimal point, unless it is a tie)

  1. Mathew “Royal2” Fiorante – 2.3
  2. Ayden “Suspector” Hill – 2.1
  3. Paul “SnakeBite” Duarte – 2.03
  4. Ryan “Shooter” Sondhi – 2.02
  5. Bradley “Frosty” Bergstrom – 1.93


Flag Captures

  1. Zane “Penguin” Hearon – 8
  2. Cameron “Victory X” Thorlakson – 7
  3. Paul “SnakeBite” Duarte – 6
  4. Ayden “Suspector” Hill – 5
  5. Three-Way Tie – 4


Strongholds Captures

  1. Brett “Naded” Leonard – 41
  2. Richie “Heinz” Heinz – 30
  3. Cody “ContrA” Szczodrowski – 29
  4. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins / Kevin “Eco” Smith – 28

What do you think your team needs to improve for Week 2? What other stats do you want to see in these weekly articles?

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(Stats and standings were made possible by Halo Data Hive)