Hammers Esports acquires new Overwatch roster

The Hammers Esports roster recently left for Luminosity Gaming, and the organization has now acquired The Chavs to replace them

With the recent departure of its roster to Luminosity Gaming, Hammers Esports has picked up the roster of The Chavs. The new Hammers roster consists of Jonas “Shaz” Suovaara, Erik “SnizzleNose” Hedåker, Tamás tomzeY Bordás, Piot “Sev” Hutyra, Christopher “ChrisTFer” Graham, and Mads “Fischer” Jehg, with coach Yann “Kirby” Luu. Despite the relative success of the team, organizations have been hesitant to pick up the roster, as stated by ChrisTFer in an interview with Kirby, but that has now changed with their addition to the Hammers Esports organization.

The roster beat fellow European teams Movistar Runners, Team Dignitas, and Grand Danios to win the XTRA Cup, showing that they are a strong team in the region. The team has multiple high finishes in tournaments online, as well as the LAN win at the XTRA Cup.

The team will now move over to the North America and compete in that region against teams like EnVyUs, Immortals, Cloud9, and the former Hammers roster, Luminosity Evil. In the organization’s announcement, Hammers’ director of esports commented that “it is with pride and zero hesitation that we welcome (The Chavs) to the Hammers Esports organization as we believe in long-standing friendships fueled by passion and confidence are the keys to succeed in any competition.”

Though there is still some uncertainty surrounding the Overwatch competitive scene with the Overwatch League looming and supposedly taking place later this year, Hammers is still committed to fielding an Overwatch roster and investing resources into that roster for them to succeed.

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