Halo Infinite mouse and keyboard vs. controller: Which should you use?

Choose your side.

halo infinite mouse
Image via 343 Industries/Microsoft

Halo Infinite was built with mouse and keyboard support from the offset, leading some Halo fans to wonder whether a controller would still be the most optimal way to play Xbox’s latest exclusive. There’s pros and cons to both controller methods, but which will help you in your competitive Halo Infinite journey to increase your odds of winning?

The case for mouse and keyboard in Halo Infinite

halo infinite mouse
Keyboard players can also specify sensitivities for each zoom magnification, enabling finer control of the experience between different weapons. Image: Dot Esports / 343 Industries

Mouse and keyboard is the default setup for most PC games. Their precision allows players to react more quickly than a controller, especially when turning. But getting used to a mouse and keyboard, and the vast difference in sensitivity, will take some adjusting.

One way to make the transition easier is by using aim trainers, which can help not just with Halo Infinite but any first-person shooter on PC. It’s worth noting that there’s a minor bug at the time of writing that is adding input lag on mouse and keyboard, although it’s expected the issue will be patched out shortly.

The case for controllers in Halo Infinite

Image: Dot Esports / 343 Industries

If you’ve spent the last decade or more playing Halo or other shooters on consoles, you’ll have a better chance standing your ground with a controller.

Developers have also improved the quality of aim assist for controllers over the last several years, enough for controller players to comfortably compete in official tournaments against mouse and keyboard opponents. The aim assist support in Halo Infinite is pretty strong, though, with streamers and content creators going as far to recommend controllers as their preferred input mechanism.

The final verdict

Image: 343 Industries

For most competitive players, a mouse and keyboard will generally be the way to go. If you’re looking to play more casually, don’t feel pressured to change. Shooters have come a long way since Halo set the standard for how first-person games should control on consoles. And the aim assist support means you should be able to enjoy multiplayer games casually without worrying about whether PC players are filling up the lobby.

Similarly, if you’re a mouse and keyboard fan, there’s no need to swap over. Controllers can’t match a mouse for their flick aim and responsiveness, and it’s likely that the aim assist will be tuned over time to be a little less aggressive. Either way, feel free to play with whatever control scheme you’re currently comfortable with in Halo Infinite.