Halo Infinite download file size

If only SSDs were infinite.

Image via Xbox

Halo Infinite is almost here. After countless delays, the next game in the iconic Halo franchise is slated to release on Dec. 8. Despite the game’s imminent release, there’s still no official download file size. But even with upgradable storage options, storage capacity has been an issue on the new consoles, with many games surpassing 100 GB on SSDs. 

On Aug. 8, a leak revealed what might be the Xbox download file size for Halo Infinite. The leak, posted by OSKOOL-G on Twitter, shows Halo Infinite on the Xbox Store with a hefty 97.24 GB download size. This may seem massive but makes sense compared to recent releases in the Halo series.

On Xbox, Halo: The Master Chief Collection takes up nearly 104 GB of space, while Halo 5: Guardians sits at around 95 GB. Since there are sure to be new additions and updates made to Halo Infinite, it’s likely to pass the 100 GB mark. This is also without the missing features at launch, including co-op campaign and Forge mode, which are staples in Halo games.

While the information from the leak is convincing when compared to other Halo games, the official file size for Halo Infinite has not yet been revealed by 343 Industries or Microsoft. 

PC players might have a bit more room on their drives because the Steam page for Halo Infinite suggests only 50 GB of storage space in its system requirements. Halo: The Master Chief Collection only needs 56.71 GB of space on Steam compared to 104 GB on consoles.

Multiplayer beta

Though the game hasn’t officially launched, its multiplayer mode is now available for players as a beta that will last until Dec. 8. And the beta suggests that players might not need 100 GB of free space for the full game.

Downloading the Halo Infinite beta on Steam for your PC requires 26.05 GB of space. Downloading the beta for Xbox consoles requires roughly the same amount of space, 25.9 GB, according to Gamepur.

No matter the official Halo Infinite download file size, you might have to clear some space on your hard drive to play the game at launch.

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