Gllty is bested by Daigo at ELEAGUE’s SFV Invitational—then asks for his autograph

That’s one way to drop out of a tournament.

There are already plenty of must-see moments from the first two days of the ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational, but a moment from yesterday might just top them all.

Leah “Gllty” Hayes may have lost her match against Daigo Umehara and finished the day without a win, but that didn’t stop her from picking up a personal reward—Daigo’s signature.

After the game ended and the players approached each other to shake hands, Gllty walked over with a pen in-hand where, gracious in defeat, she asked for the legendary Street Fighter player’s signature live on stage.

Gllty was able to take game one from Daigo to try and win her first game of the day. Daigo was quick to respond in the second game to tie up the match-up, and was victorious in the third and final game of the series—taking a crucial win that kept him in the tournament.

Alex Valle (3-4) and Gllty (0-7) crashed out of the tournament yesterday, with Daigo (3-4) and Justin Wong (3-4) barely surviving, Daigo and Justin placed higher than Alex Valle as both were able to beat him in their respective matches.

The ELEAGUE Invitational is being held in Atlanta, Georgia, and boasts a $250,000 prize pool. The preliminaries are currently taking place until March 30, and the six players who rank highest advance to the regular season, due to take place April 7 to May 12.