GGWP aims to educate creators, connect them with brands using its new creator marketplace

Connecting and educating creators of all sizes is the goal.

Image via GGWP

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With more esports and gaming personalities looking to enter content creation, Good Game Well Played (GGWP) Academy is a startup that is looking to match creators up with brands that coincide with their size and experience level. The platform also aims to provide them with online resources and classes to help teach them about building out their online brand and monetizing their content on various platforms. 

This business model will be the industry’s first creator/brand marketplace, that is bringing together multiple social analytics into one central hub in an attempt to promote #SmarterInfluence.

Gaming creators who use the platform will be ranked based on an individual GGWP Influencer rank that will be accumulated in the GGWP app. This will be used to help match creators with brands that are looking to work with creators within certain size metrics within content creation, esports, or streaming. 

Image via GGWP

The GGWP Marketplace will allow individuals to apply for “GIGs,” or partnerships advertised by brands that will function within the GGWP marketplace to give creators and companies a “unique and authentic voice.” This will be done through a profile system, which lets users pull stats from selected social media platforms, which will then be sent to brands as a sort of portfolio when they apply got a GIG. 

GGWP is already working with Logitech, Blue Microphones, EA Games, Warner Music, and many other brands in the early stages of the marketplace. 

“I can’t wait for more brands to experience that ‘Aha moment’ when they realise what the GGWP platform is (and will be) capable of,” CEO and founder of GGWP Jax Garrett said. “We are already working with our brand partner Logitech and approximately 20 other brands to deliver GIGs to gamers globally in the coming two months and the diversity of campaigns is astounding. From headphones to games publishers, sneakers to street wear, and snacks to supplements. We are bringing brands to gaming”

Garrett initially founded GGWP in 2018 as a way to support her son, who became the youngest esports pro in Australia at nine years old and has since signed a contract, partnered with sponsors, and competed at three Pokémon World Championship events. 

Now, GGWP aims to give creators of all ages access to free resources and online videos that will teach them how they can grow their personal brands within the games industry, whether that be in content or competition. These resources will vary in range from beginners to advanced, scaling content to help users who need it. 

“As someone who started out relatively ‘lost’, I can say how important it is for this education to exist,” esports commentator and streamer Mitch “Conky” Concanen said. “It’s a resource that will help guide and develop your career in esports. I’ve also worked with Jax and Phid for a number of years and fully support their wider vision for the product and industry growth.”

Any creator who joins GGWP at its beginner level will get access to videos detailing important topics like branding, goal setting, and collaborations and sponsorship entirely for free. A premium version of the marketplace and platform will be available, which will unlock the intermediate and advanced courses, with more in-depth videos and resources.

You can learn more about the GGWP Academy, its resources, and the growing creator marketplace on the platform’s official website.