Gears 5: Where to find Relic weapons and what they do

Don't miss out on these unique weapons on your journey through Sera.

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There isn’t a much better feeling than smiting the Swarm with immense overpower in Gears of War 5. The feeling is a little bit sweeter when you blast them with a Relic weapon, complete with unique looks and characteristics that make them more than just a variant reskin.

As you’re wandering through Sera, you’re bound to catch a Crimson Omen or two on the map. Keep your head up and look out.

It indicates that a Relic is nearby for you to loot, which could help you get your bearings for the trickier ones to find.

Gears 5 Act Two Relic Weapons

Enforcer Relic

  • What it does: Slower rate of fire compared to the standard Enforcer submachine gun, but packs more damage in each shot.
  • Where to find it: Before entering the Northern Passage in Chapter Two, you’ll find it on the left side of the nearby cliff hidden under a tree.

Longshot Relic

  • What it does: Active reloads rewards you with an extra round in the chamber.
  • Where to find it: Fairly conspicuous. Near where you picked up the Missing Outsiders mission in Chapter Two, outside New Hope, inside the red shack.

Boltok Relic

  • What it does: Faster handling and improved accuracy when hip-firing.
  • Where to find it: Find the Condor crash site nearest to the east tower substation, head a little more east, and you’ll see the Omen on an ice wall. Walk a little bit more to pick up the Boltok Relic.

Boomshot Relic

  • What it does: Launches three explosive rounds in between reloads.
  • Where to find it: When you enter the north tower substation in Chapter Four, the first generator on the right has the Omen. Head right behind it to find the Boomshot Relic leaning on its back.

Dropshot Relic

  • What it does: Squeeze off a cryo-blasting mine to freeze your enemies in their tracks.
  • Where to find it: Northwest of the Transmission Signal Source while doing The Source of it All in Chapter Four. The Dropshot is just behind a mound of ice with the Omen on it.

Torque Bow Relic

  • What it does: Lose the explosion from the standard Torque Bow, but increases rate-of-fire. Still very deadly.
  • Where to find it: From the abandoned mine on the south edge of the valley in Chapter Four, follow the small dirt path up between several felled trees rather than the main path. It’s the path leading right and up as you enter from the main gates.

Retro Lancer Relic

  • What it does: Pop off explosive rounds that air-burst to hit targets in an AOE.
  • Where to find it: From the Old COG Wall, move northeast into a rocky clearing with one lone tree. The Retro Lancer Relic is the present under it.

Gears 5 Act Three Relic Weapons

Talon Relic

  • What it does: Hitting a perfect reload grants gives you improved damage and a more manageable fire rate.
  • Where to find it: Just south of the abandoned airport in the northwest. It’s hanging on the right wall of Hangar One, right before some canisters.

Claw Relic

  • What it does: Doing an active reload activates a faster rate-of-fire.
  • Where to find it: Northeast of the Cosmonaut Training Facility, you’ll find a lone tower. It’s hiding shyly in the bush, but coax it out for a Claw Relic.

Hammerburst Relic

  • What it does: Fires longer bursts with each successive pull of the trigger.
  • Where to find it: In between the City Ruins and Waterworks, you’ll find it in a weapons crate next to a dead body as you enter a fenced-off compound.

Markza Relic

  • What it does: Don’t tap, just hold. Listen to the sweet sound of a full-auto weapon.
  • Where to find it: North of the pump station. Its previous owner left it in the trunk of the car.

Snub Relic

  • What it does: Pinpoint two-shot burst.
  • Where to find it: Close to the edge of the map, the wall southeast of the rocket hangar.

Overkill Relic

  • What it does: Another full-automatic weapon, this time with four barrels.
  • Where to find it: Northeast of the Bridge Control House. Follow the protruding rocks and find it lying against a metal crate.

Gnasher Relic

  • What it does: Fires a destructive slug that will obliterate most things, including heads.
  • Where to find it: At the edge of the map again, this time north of the Water Tower. Observe the cliffs and once you see the Crimson Omen, head below the outcropping for the Gnasher Relic.


  • What it does: After a lengthy charging, this rewards you with a powerful energy rail to destroy everything in your path.
  • Where to find it: West of the Train Turntable, you’ll find a Crashed Condor. Move slightly west again to find it on some crates.

Lancer Relic

  • What it does: Melee your enemies to stun them, followed by a gratifying execution via chainsaw.
  • Where to find it: Southwest of the Train Bridge, just below the Cargo Shipwreck. A huge pile of debris opens up for you to pick up the Lancer Relic.

Lancer GL Relic

  • What it does: Alt-fire shoots a non-homing proximity grenade in the air, exploding once it detects an enemy.
  • Where to find it: In the valley south of the Water Tower and west of the Cosmonaut Training Facility, on the base of a support pillar.