Galio, 6 new skins now available in Wild Rift

Something for the holidays.

The first champion to be introduced with League of Legends: Wild Rift’s 2.2 update is here.

The mid lane tank Galio has entered the rift adding yet another option to the roster that currently boasts more than 50 champions.

A new addition, Galio brings a unique option for mid lane players with his mage skillset and durable exterior. Additionally, six skins have also been added to the game for a variety of champions, including Galio himself.

The first two skins to be included for the champion in Wild Rift are Infernal Galio and Debonair Galio, giving two drastically different appearances to the Colossus.

Other new skins stick with a more light-hearted theme including Fuzz Fizz, the skin that turns the aquatic champion into a dog, Surprise Party Amumu, Corgi Corki, and Draven Draven.

These skins can be purchased from the in-game store using Wild Cores, while Galio can be acquired using either Blue Motes or Wild Cores.

Riot recently detailed its rollout plan for this patch and for the near future of Wild Rift. Included in this were multiple new champions like Rengar and Khazix, the announcement of open testing for ARAM next week, and preference-based role selection for ranked play.