French shuffle 2.0 – Pros and Cons

(This article is purely opinion based, keep that in mind what reading) It was announced on the 20/07/2015 that another French shuffle was completed, it may not have been has hectic and interesting as the original due to the small emount of ...

(This article is purely opinion based, keep that in mind what reading)

It was announced on the 20/07/2015 that another French shuffle was completed, it may not have been has hectic and interesting as the original due to the small emount of roster changes that were actually made but the changes still make for an insanely interesting few months of Counter-Strike we have ahead of us.

kennyS to NV

If you have played Counter-Strike, you know who Kenny “kennyS” Schrub is. Really breaking through in 2014 making a name for himself with his unreal ability to do things with an awp that no observer, player or anybody involved in CS:GO thought any person was capable of. Kenny made it happen. Unfortunately for Schrub in 2015 there was a change in the game involving the awp that completely countered his play style. The change made him unable to pretty much run around and pull off some of the most crazy shots people will see for a long time whereas for Kenny, that was effortless. Since the change The Frenchman has never really come close to his “god mode” he was in while it was 2014 but NV have still bagged themselves one of the best players ever in CS:GO.

Shox re-united with Titan and Ex6TenZ

After leaving Titan in 2014 Richard “Shox” Papillon is back under the org and under the leadership of one of the most tactical, strategical geniuses Kévin “Ex6TenZ” Droolans. Papillon is yet another player that if you have taken any role in Counter-Strike, you would have heard about the pure talent and fragging ability of Shox which earned him a spot, along with kennyS, as one of the players that will go down in history. Because of the pure power of Shox’s individual skill he fits perfectly into Titan’s play style effortlessly. Previously kennyS was the main person, to open up and close out rounds, with Kenny no longer in the lineup, Shox is going to be doing what he does best and that it taking the roll of his fellow Frenchman and being the main man in the lineup.

New players, same amount of individual skill for NV

You would think that a previously major winning team would have an ace up their sleeve; a set play nobody knew about; something out of the ordinary. This isn’t the case with NV. NV had a very similar playstyle to the infamous 87-0 NIP which was literally a pick based play style. They could do this purely because, similarly to the 87-0 NIP, because they’re just so much more individually skilled than 90% of other players and can win aim duels that nobody else could.

A new wave of synergy in Titan

For years Richard “Shox” Papillon and Edouard “SmithZz” Dubourdeaux have played together and been really close friends so they each know what each other is capable of. They also know what they would do in certain situations and what they do generally. You could say the same for Kenny “kennyS” Schrub and his teammate that also moved with him, Dan “apEX” Madesclaire but it’s clear to see in their play that both of those players are far too random but have the potential to go off at any moment but which you also get from Shox and SmithZz but the big difference is the consistency of the player what they don’t work their magic and pull out these special plays/games.

Apex, the secondary caller

Onto the cons now, ever since Madesclaire was introduced into the LDLC lineup where he played a massive part in guiding them to a surprising semi-final finish in the tournament. There was only 1 way in which he did this and that was doing what he did best, being a fearless player and did anything to get the necessary kills. In this lineup, due to the roll he has been put in which was revealed in a vlog by Nathan “NBK” Schmitt (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4wE-2Uzaw8) those type of plays will be few and far between.

Titan lose their fire-power

Ever since the lineup after KQLY’s VAC ban was formed it was clear that kennyS and Apex were the people who were relied on to get the kills and secure the rounds with the rest of the players pitching in here and there to put them into the positions to do so. We have witnessed time and time again that the partnership of Schrub and Madesclaire were more than competent to secure this task but now they’re gone the pressure is on Shox and SmithZz’s shoulders. Only time will tell if they’re up to the task.

Who is setting up these individual stars in NV

As previously mentioned NV have a very pick based play style where they rely on their superior aim but it can’t be done 100% alone. In every team you have to have around 2 players there to support these amazing players. To flash them in; throw smokes for them and still get kills. In the new EnVyUs lineup I personally only see 1 person who would be doing this role, NBK. Because they brought in another entry-fragger they had to make the decision of who was going to be supporting these individual beasts between Fabien “kioShiMa” Fiey and Dan “apEX” Madesclaire. As said in NBK’s vlog Madesclaire was chosen for this roll who will be seriously in his own play because he won’t be able to utilise what he is best with his entry-fragging skills and he will be forced to be setting up the rest of the team for their plays to be made.

Could be a slow start for Titan

The Titan IGL Kévin “Ex6TenZ” Droolans has made a name for himself for being a tactical mastermind which more than anything takes time to perfect the set plays and get everybody to know what to do and when to do it. On the other hand this won’t have any sort of effect on the EnVyUs men because of their playstyle meaning that most likely EnVyUs will have the more explosive start to a new era of their team and Titan will be straggling behind. Once these set plays are perfected and immaculate it will work as well as ever for Titan. Give the lineup time to perfect the executions of the IGL’s commands and they will be more explosive than ever before.

Who get the better end of the deal? (My opinion)

Well, in the short term (3-4 months) EnVyUs most certainly gained the necessary fragging ability to keep their playstyle alive and ready to shock their opponents but once their counterparts, Titan, get to grips and people and as players and know how to execute the strats appropriately, Titan will be back to greatness.