Freakazoid outplays 2 opponents and finishes with an ace on Dust II

Freakazoid is the new smoke criminal.


Ryan “freakazoid” Abadir got an ace while streaming some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive FACEIT pugs earlier today.

The ex-Cloud9 and Ghost Gaming player outplayed two counter-terrorists in Dust II’s Long after they killed his two teammates. He sat in the smoke and waited for it to vanish to catch them off-guard.

But Freakazoid was still left in a one-vs-three situation. He used the high ground to kill one of his opponents coming from CT spawn and planted the bomb. Freakazoid perfectly placed his aim on Long to get his fourth kill. The fifth elimination was a bit lucky, but Freakazoid secured the ace clutch nonetheless.

Freakazoid was once one of the best entry-fraggers in CS:GO, so it’s odd to see him in a position to close out the round since he isn’t known for his clutch skills. But professional players can always deliver some great highlights while playing pugs.

He’s been streaming regularly since Ghost shut down its CS:GO division. Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert, one of his ex-teammates from Cloud9, said earlier this week that former players, including Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, are planning to do a Cloud9 2015 reunion and might play in an online tournament.

They haven’t set a date for it, though. Shroud is usually busy with his streaming calendar and Sean “[email protected]” Gares often works as an analyst at CS:GO tournaments.

You can watch freakazoid stream on his Twitch channel.