Four Angry Men win Peacekeeper Elite League season 3

They have qualified for the Peacekeeper Elite Championship and the Global Championship.

Image via VSPN

Four Angry Men placed first in the Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL) season three today. The PEL is played on Peacekeeper Elite, the Chinese remake of PUBG Mobile

The PEL Finals were played from Oct. 22 to 25. The top 15 teams from the league stage played 20 matches to decide the champions. The third season of the PEL had an enormous prize pool of over $3.1 million. With today’s victory, Four Angry Men have pocketed about $444,000, according to Liquipedia

Here are the overall standings of the PEC 2020: 

  1. Four Angry Men: 271 points
  2. Elite Esports: 217 points
  3. Tong Jia Bao Esports: 181 points
  4. Royal Never Give Up: 178 points
  5. YiQiLang: 177 points
  6. Nova – XQF: 173 points
  7. ACT: 162 points
  8. Six Two Eight: 158 points
  9. AgFox Black: 157 points
  10. Tianba: 157 points
  11. Team Game: 142 points
  12. JD Esports: 137 points
  13. Q9: 123 points
  14. The Chosen: 109 points
  15. Da Kun Gaming: 103 points

Four Angry Men are having a tremendous year with a top-three finish in all three seasons of the PEL. They placed third and second in the last two seasons. This time, they were able to win it all. 

The top two teams, Four Angry Men and Elite Esports, have qualified for the Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2020 which will happen next month. The PEC has a prize pool of about $1.79 million. Other than these two teams, Nova – XQF has been directly invited to the event as the defending champions. Also, 12 international teams will be invited to the PEC 2020.

Four Angry Men and Nova – XQF will also be representing China at the PUBG Mobile Global Championship season zero. These two teams have qualified for the Global Championship for having the most championship points. Each season of the PEL granted championship points. The top two teams with the most championship points qualify for the PMGC.