Fortnite: Battle Royale is getting a grappling gun and Getaway LTM

The new gizmo and mode will be coming in the next big content update.

Image via Epic Games

A new mode of zipping around is coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale along with a new LTM called Getaway.

Getaway is a mode in which squads must find a supply drop, snag a llama jewel, and reach a van with the jewel in tow. The limited time mode will be a part of the upcoming “High Stakes” event, which is coming to the game later this week along with a new customizable Wild Card outfit and a High Stakes Challenge.

More excitingly, Fortnite is getting an all-new gizmo. The grappling gun is also going to be added to the game. It was seen in use at PAX West this past weekend. It shoots a plunger from the barrel of a gun, allowing players to fly from one structure to another with ease, just like in heist movies. From the preview clip, it looks like the grappling gun has a limited number of uses.

The High Stakes event will likely drop into the game on Thursday, Sept. 6 in the v5.40 content update.