Forsen masterfully dupes stream snipers during PUBG Twitch stream


Screengrab via Daniil1288

Forsen has finally outsmarted stream snipers in PUBG.

Forsen is known for his cool and collected personality as he dominates in games, whether it’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or PUBG. But the streaming community saw the Swedish streamer get a lot more animated than usual when he tricked some stream snipers in a PUBG match.

During the start of the match, stream snipers watching Forsen’s livestream decided to drop in the same direction as him, making it blatantly obvious to Forsen that he was being followed by viewers. Forsen, without hesitation, thought up a way to get them off his tail.

“What the fuck is that emote in chat,” Forsen said innocently. “The jebaited one! Where every stream sniper looks into fucking chat and I switch direction.”

While all of the stream snipers were looking at the chat, Forsen had sneakily switched directions. He looked into the sky to see that every single stream sniper had fallen for his trick, letting him land alone on the map in peace. Admiring his successful trick, Forsen couldn’t stop laughing, even making fun of the stream snipers’ moms.

Forsen has been targeted by stream snipers in PUBG for the past several years, so it’s no wonder he was overly animated while tricking them on his stream. Even when he was just starting out PUBG in 2017, viewers noticed his games were infested with stream snipers more often than other popular streamers had to endure.

Stream sniping is when a player will essentially use a streamer’s stream against them. Once they find out they’re in the same match as the streamer, they’ll turn on their stream and watch their every move. This gives them an unfair advantage over the streamer, allowing them to know where they are dropping in, where they are located on the map, what weapons they are using, how much health they have, and more.