Flash Gaming acquires Malaysian AWPer Kaze

China’s first superteam has found its fifth player.

Chinese Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s latest attempt at creating a super team has looked abroad for its fifth player.

The final addition to Flash Gaming’s squad is Malaysian AWPer Andrew “kaze” Khong. Kaze, who has been competing actively in both CS:GO as well as its precursor Counter-Strike: Source since 2010, was most recently seen playing for Malaysia’s top team JYP.

The Malaysian AWPer will now be joining up with some of China’s most established CS:GO players, including the former TyLoo trio Yulun “fancy1” Cai, YuanZhang “Attacker” Sheng and Qifang “Karsa” Su. The line-up is rounded out by former Vici Gaming entry fragger Kunhua “LOVEYY” Bai, making Flash Gaming one of the strongest Chinese rosters to date.

Prior to joining Flash Gaming fancy1 and Attacker were indefinitely suspended from competing with TyLoo, while karsa was fired outright. According to the organization, the players had been in communication with other teams about potentially joining them while still being signed to TyLoo.

The three players disputed this claim, and argued that they hadn’t signed a contract with the organization at all. Fancy1 was subsequently suspended for roughly two months, until Flash Gaming purchased the rifler from TyLoo.

With a full line-up, Flash Gaming looks set to compete for the top spot in Chinese CS:GO.