Final Fantasy XIV update breaks Steam Deck compatibility

A new update is stopping players from launching the Steam version of the game.

Screengrab via Square Enix

The latest Final Fantasy XIV patch may have caused issues for Steam Deck users, with the game now reportedly no longer playable on Valve’s new handheld console.

As part of the new update, players who purchased the game on Steam will need to link their accounts to a Square Enix login, which is something that will need to be completed via the new launcher, which isn’t currently supported on Linux.

“Account linking between Steam accounts and Square Enix accounts has been implemented for the Steam version,” the patch notes read. “Following this maintenance, users will be prompted to log in with the Square Enix account they wish to link when launching the game from the Steam software for the first time.”

Given this, Steam Deck users have been having trouble launching the game. Reports claim the problem sees the game pause on its logo, with no way to get through.

Screenshot via SteamDB

The game is still accessible for players who have purchased the game outside Steam. For those who do use Steam as a launcher, some users have reported a fix working and you can check that out on YouTube here.

Steam boss Gabe Newell himself has showcased the Steam Deck’s capability of playing Final Fantasy XIV, so it would seem likely the company would move to fix this issue if possible. However, the game is still listed as “unsupported” on the Steam Deck’s list of compatible games, where it has been since the device launched in late February.

While the latest update has caused issues for some players, perhaps a future update will remedy these. For now, however, it seems players will need to find a workaround to continue playing Final Fantasy XIV on the Steam Deck.