FaZe mxey downs 3 players with one grenade in the PUBG Global Championship

One grenade turned the tide of the grand finals.

Screengrab via PUBG Corp.

FaZe Clan player Anssi “mxey” Pekkonen might as well have been wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey during the PUBG Global Championship yesterday in Oakland, California.

At the end of the second match of the grand finals, mxey threw a frag grenade that downed three players on South Korean team T1: Jeong “Adder” Ji-Hun, Lim “Akad” Gwang-Hyun and Ahn “HelleN” Kang-Hyun. This incredible grenade helped FaZe win the match.

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Although FaZe got off to a slow start in the championship, they climbed up the rankings and barely qualified for the grand finals. The players then turned the tide of the grand finals with an aggressive strategy that led to a second-place finish at the tournament.

South Korean team Gen.G were crowned the best team in the world yesterday at the first PUBG Global Championship, earning $2.4 million. FaZe took home $600,000, in large part due to mxey’s impressive grenade throw.